Vedant Gokhale
Vedant has appeared in several off, off broadway plays including Merchant on Venice at the Lark Theatre Development Play Center and How I Killed My Roommate and Got Away with It at the Producer's Club. 
Vedant was trained in improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade. But most importantly he is from northern New Jersey. 
Best of...
Flag on the Play
written by Vedant Gokhale & Matt Luceno
Harry Potter
Two performers see if they can get another to confess to a murder (which he actually has to guess).  If he won't cooperate, invisible enforcer Boris comes in to rough him up.  The audience has determined that he's killed "Harry Potter" with a "candlestick" in "the Oval Office"...
What Happens Next?
Monkey Knife Fight
Kinda like Choose Your Own Adventure, every now and then the scene is stopped and the audience is asked what happens next?  To start, we ask for something you might find in your closet and the audience suggests a "monkey knife fight"...
One Voice
Pot of Gold
Two performers share one mind and one voice, meaning they must speak at the exact same time in unison.  The question is what remarkable thing have they done and the audience suggests "found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow".  Afterwards there's a MITA create-a-scene where the scene is expanded on tangentially...
Principal’s Office
written by Rob Yang
Top Game
written by Vedant Gokhale
written by Vedant Gokhale
Rock Climbing
written by Matt Luceno