Rob Yang
His smile says it all.  Rob was ecstatic to be a part of MITA.  Rob was born in Chicago, raised in the suburbs, and eventually found his way to NYC where he embraced his status as “Any Ethnicity”. 
Recent credits include - Theater: Los Angeles (The Flea, Dir: Adam Rapp), Death and the Ploughman (LaMaMa ETC), Hot Black Asian Action (FringeNYC ‘06), Heartbreak, Galaxy Video and Galaxy Video 2 (Edge of Insanity/Horse Trade)  Film: Pretty to Think So, Unidentified, Algeny  TV: Law & Order Criminal Intent
Rob has studied acting with Mary Boyer, HB Studio and Wall Street.
Best of...
Dr. Dre Merchant Banking 2
written by Rob Yang
Dr. Dre Merchant Banking 1
written by Rob Yang
Two performers see if they can get another to confess to a murder (which he actually has to guess).  If he won't cooperate, invisible enforcer Boris comes in to rough him up.  The audience has determined that he's killed "Chewbacca" with a "fountain pen" on "the toilet"...
Lines from a Hat
The East River
Performers insert lines they've never seen before into the scene, lines written before the show by the audience. The question is give us a river and the audience suggests "The East River" - for those of you unfamiliar with New York, that's a REALLY dirty river in NYC...