Patrick McColley
Patrick has lived in New York for two years now, and has been a monkey since Ocober of '05 (which, if you're reading this aloud, is pronounced "ought-five"). I think we can all agree that we've had some crazy times. He was thrilled to perform at The Comedy Cellar, as well as the opportunities that came from being in the group. Super-secret opportunities. Opportunities.
Now if we're talking about the man behind all the comedy gold (and by comedy gold, he means talking in a deep voice, pulling up his pants, and leaning on stuff), he graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a BA in Theatre (emphasis on acting and directing). Then he got married and moved to New York freaking City! You may have seen him in some obscure plays, but the odds are pretty good that you haven't.
Best of...
CSI: David Caruso
written by Patrick McColley
Who Am I?
Michael Jackson
One performer has to get the other performer to guess who they are.  The audience has decided that Ax is "Michael Jackson"...
Gender Bender
Slaughter House
A male and female performer do a scene but switch genders and roles when the bell rings.  The question is where might a couple go on a date and the audience suggests "a slaughter house"...
Deal or No Deal
written by Patrick McColley
Genres (Musical!)
While performing a scene, it is periodically stopped and the performers are told to continue while singing in a certain style - styles which they don't know of ahead of time.  The audience has chosen singing styles "opera, hip-hop, yodeling, country and caroling".  They've also been asked for a holiday and the audience has chosen "Easter"...
Konversation Killer
written by Patrick McColley
written by Patrick McColley