Matt Luceno
Matt holds a BFA in Acting from SUNY Purchase, Conservatory of Theatre Arts and Film ('04).  He has appeared on Guiding Light (CBS), Astonishing News (Nippon Television Japan, guest star) and played the lead role in the independent films Community Service, Documenting Tad, and most recently Towel.
Some theatre credits include "Mercutio" in Romeo and Juliet (Allentown Shakespeare in the Park),  "Tom Joad" in Grapes of Wrath, various roles in The Laramie Project, "Don" in Boy's Life, "Titorelli" in The Trial (Purchase Repertory Theatre), and "Guildenstern" and "Gravedigger" in Hamlet (Yonkers Shakespeare Project).
He also performs stand-up in NYC.  Many people describe Matt as "a good bro" or a "rad dude" and would vouch for him anyday.  He was excited to perform and write with MITA.
Best of...
Flag on the Play
written by Vedant Gokhale & Matt Luceno
John Lennon
Two performers see if they can get another to confess to a murder (which he actually has to guess).  If he won't cooperate, invisible enforcer Boris comes in to rough him up.  The audience has determined that he's killed "John Lennon" with a "potato gun" in "Staten Island"...
A scene is periodically stopped and the performers are told to continue in a certain style - styles which they don't know of ahead of time.  The audience has chosen singing styles "comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, war story and spanish language soap opera".  They've also been asked for a month and the audience has chosen "April"...
Deal or No Deal
written by Patrick McColley
Karate Kid:
The College Years
written by Rob Yang
Crazy Hands
Clock Radio with Syphillis
Grace is Matt's hands while Patrick interviews him.  Patrick asks the audience what they’re discussing and they suggest "clock radios with syphillis"...
Golden Goose
written by Grace Randolph
NY Actors Support Group
written by Matt Luceno