Ken Donnelly
Ken grew up just north of New York City and attended Pace University.  He was accepted into the NBC Page Program in 2005 and soon after began doing stand-up comedy.
In 2006 he was selected to write and perform a sketch for the GE/NBC Town Hall Awards. Also, he co-wrote and starred in a short independent film called “The Staple” and his audio skits have been featured on music albums such as, Sly Boogy’s Mic Check Vol. 6 and The Advocate’s Against The Wall.
Ken now resides in Queens, New York. He speaks fluent Furbish and he is a huge fan of ALF.
Best of...
Luke & Yoda at the Cantina
written by Grace Randolph
Top Game
written by Vedant Gokhale
The Facts of Life - TV show
Performers make-up a documentary on the spot - complete with reinactments - based on an audience suggestion.  Here the audience is asked for a famous movie or TV show and they select “The Facts of Life”...