Kate Geller
Kate is a native New Yorker, finishing her MFA in Acting at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.
She was most recently seen in the 2006 NYC Fringe Festival as part of Aisling Arts production of Imminent Indeed.
Kate has been doing improv and sketch in NYC for the past 6 years, studying with Second City and UCB. She resides in Brooklyn with her debonair fiance and her pet monkey/cat, Fiz-gig.
Best of...
Four Square
Las Vegas
Standing in a square, the performers rotate once to the left and then to the right to create a story.  The audience has decided that Kate is "2 years old", Rachel is "a lawyer", Grace is "celebrity Bobby Brown", and Paula is obsessed with "the color red"...
The Sahara Desert
Two performers leave the room and the audience picks some genres (aka film noir, adventure, etc).  Then the performers act out a scene but are periodically told to switch to a new genre.  For a suggestion to start, we ask the audience for a remote location and they suggest "the Sahara Desert"...
The Dating Game
Jurassic Park
The contestant must guess the quirks of each bachelorette.  The audience has decided that Grace "sings whenever she hears the word 'birdie'", Kate is "an exchange student from Czechoslavakia" and Rachel is from the "Jurassic Period"...
Christopher Walken and His Life with the Chimps
A documentary is created on the spot!  For a topic, the audience suggests "Christopher Walken and his life with the chimps"...
Two performers see if they can get another to confess to a murder (which he actually has to guess).  If he won't cooperate, invisible enforcer Boris comes in to rough him up.  The audience has determined that he's killed "Chewbacca" with a "fountain pen" in "the toilet"...